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Scirmish - the original two player wordle-like word game

Scirmish is a sensational classic word game that's very portable and can be played just about anywhere. It's easy to learn, compelling to play and is extremely versatile - a game can last as long a time (or as shorts a time) as you like.....

Scirmish is a head-to-head two player battle. From the opening salvo, you're using you guile, grit and guesswork to get the clues you need to unravel the puzzle you face.

All you have to do is find the six words hidden on your opponent's card. It sounds simple enough and you'll be nudging gently ahead when uh-oh, your opponent makes a breakthrough.

You comfortable leading margin is slashed. You're playing catch up. This wasn't what you planned! Then suddenly you notice something. You'd been staring at it for a while and now it makes sense. And if that's what you think it is, (and you're pretty sure it is), then you're high and dry! Victory is yours!

Or is it ? There seems to be a telling glint in your opponent's eye. Who is going to unravel the puzzle first ? You or them ? One thing's for sure, it's going to be a furious Scirmish right up to the last!

Scirmish comes complete with enough equipment to play the game 100 times. Each player needs a pen or pencil and these are not included in the box.

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