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Rough Justice

The utterly ruthless 3D dice game

"The odds are against you. Heavily against you. Danger threatens from all sides. Things aren't looking too promising. Decidedly dodgy in fact. Some would call it Hobson's choice. Who was Hobson anyway? Must check sometime. Anyway, back to the game. Things haven't improved. You're hanging by a thread. Teetering on the edge. There's only one thing for it: Panic. No, bad idea. You compose yourself and carefully select a dice. Nothing short of a miracle will do now. You shake the dice apprehensively. A miracle! A deep frown has wrinkled your opponent's face. You know exactly how it feels. But suddenly you're rather enjoying it...."

Rough Justice is a knife-edge game of ruthlessness and cunning with only one route to victory - playing dirty! It's a dice game unlike all others. On each turn there is a simple decision to make: Should you improve your own position or sabotage the opposition? Either way, you can expect to be on the receiving end of some fairly devious manoeuvres so there's not the slightest reason for you to be decent......

Rough Justice is a game that few tire of playing. From game to game there are countless variations offering fresh challenges every time. Players may adopt a simple approach, a slightly crafty one or a fiendishly complicated one, allowing the game to be played at many different levels. The box contains everything you need for many gripping, head-to-head encounters. We have had a great deal of fun with this game and hope you will too.

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