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May 18, 2017


Unbelievable but true! On the day that she launches the Conservative manifesto, we can exclusively reveal something that people don't know about Theresa May.

It turns out that the second female British Prime Minister is (in true panto style) a bloke in disguise. At least in name. And as our fun-loving customers well know, we love having fun with names.

Anyway here's the low down on Theresa May:

You see the surname May derives from the surname Mayhew which is turn comes from Matthew. So with Pythonesque logic, we find our country is surprisingly ruled by a lady called Matthew.

I know, you'll never look at her the same way again.

Incidentally, the name Theresa has Greek origins and means ‘huntress’. Perhaps someone should have warned Jeremy Corbyn about that before he volunteered to be Matthew’s hapless prey in the race to be the next Prime Minister....

You'll find more intrigue and fun with names stuff here: Happy Families

May 10, 2017

Who's the mystery bride ?

Quiztime: She's getting married soon. You can rearrange the letters in her name to get "Dappled Mini Top". Who is she ?
May 08, 2017

On Presidential marriages

Quiz time: Whose marriage involves the bigger age gap: President Macron or President Trump ? What's your guess ? Follow us for the answer!
March 19, 2017

Countdown to Easter #1

Easter. Chocolate mini-eggs! Chocolate big eggs! Chocolate creamy eggs! Eggy chocolate! Chocolate everywhere! Can't wait! But hang on, what are you going to be doing after you've found and guzzled all that gorgeous chocolate ? Here's an idea: Get some family card games going. We've got loads of great games to keep you busy, come and take a look! Here's a card from one of them:


March 16, 2017

Getting teenagers out of bed....

The task of rousing slumbering teenagers has never been easy but tends to get even trickier towards the end of term. That's fast approaching so Mums and Dads, we just want say that we feel your pain. But hey, that's how it is in Happy Families!

Here's a card from the Williams family edition of our unique Happy Families card games. (There are currently 23 other surnames available in the range).

Getting teenagers out of bed


December 08, 2016

December 07, 2016

Continuing the Advent theme......with the boys:

Cracking on with some more festive fun drawn from our popular Happy Families cards.

Here's the boy doing Advent. We're stealing the B from 'Boy' and calling this one: "Badvent"........

The boy at Advent or as we call it: "Badvent". By Go For It Games UK


December 02, 2016

Welcome to "Dadvent"

Here's Dad during Advent.

It's a whole load of emotions captured in this one word:



December 01, 2016

Meet Madvent Mum !

Let's take a moment to meet one of the characters from our highly acclaimed Happy Families games:

It's 1st December, we're in advent and festive feelings start to swell. Tis the season of peace and joy for all men...but perhaps not "Madvent Mum"!

Meet Madvent Mum                    "Happy Families" !!

If you know a Mum like this.....give her a hug!

November 18, 2016



We say: "That terrible moment when you realize that your mother might actually have been right all along"

What do you say ?