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October 05, 2017

George is here!

It's just arrived, it's totally fab and if you know someone called George then give this to him! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to confirm that the new stock of George's Game is now here and available to purchase. Be sure to get a copy for that special George in your life before these great little games are gone! Just search this site for George to locate the game.
September 20, 2017

How the world got Scrabble

The first version of Scrabble wasn't called Scrabble. It was called 'Lexiko'. The name Lexiko was inspired by the Greek word Lexicos which means 'words'. Lexiko was somewhat similar to Scrabble although Lexiko was played without a board.

Lexiko was refined by its inventor, (a man by the name of Alfred Mosher Butts), and a board was added. Alfred was obviously thinking about crossword puzzles at this stage because he called this new version 'Criss-Cross Words'.

(As we're writing about Scrabble, we have tried to find a decent anagram of 'Alfred Mosher Butts'. It seemed appropriate. The best we could come up with was "Loser bashed Mr. Tuft". A free game from this site to anyone who can help us out and beat that).

Anyway, Alfred Butts failed to hit the big time with "Criss-Cross Words" but some years later a Criss-Cross Words player tweaked the game and renamed it Scrabble. He made a few sets and by great good fortune, the boss of a chain of stores played Scrabble on holiday. And loved it. And placed a big order. And the rest as they say, is history.......

September 14, 2017

Today's Games Tidbit:

The word "Jenga" is a Swahili word that means "build".
May 10, 2017

Who's the mystery bride ?

Quiztime: She's getting married soon. You can rearrange the letters in her name to get "Dappled Mini Top". Who is she ?
May 08, 2017

On Presidential marriages

Quiz time: Whose marriage involves the bigger age gap: President Macron or President Trump ? What's your guess ? Follow us for the answer!
March 19, 2017

Countdown to Easter #1

Easter. Chocolate mini-eggs! Chocolate big eggs! Chocolate creamy eggs! Eggy chocolate! Chocolate everywhere! Can't wait! But hang on, what are you going to be doing after you've found and guzzled all that gorgeous chocolate ? Here's an idea: Get some family card games going. We've got loads of great games to keep you busy, come and take a look! Here's a card from one of them:


March 16, 2017

Getting teenagers out of bed....

The task of rousing slumbering teenagers has never been easy but tends to get even trickier towards the end of term. That's fast approaching so Mums and Dads, we just want say that we feel your pain. But hey, that's how it is in Happy Families!

Here's a card from the Williams family edition of our unique Happy Families card games. (There are currently 23 other surnames available in the range).

Getting teenagers out of bed


December 08, 2016

December 07, 2016

Continuing the Advent theme......with the boys:

Cracking on with some more festive fun drawn from our popular Happy Families cards.

Here's the boy doing Advent. We're stealing the B from 'Boy' and calling this one: "Badvent"........

The boy at Advent or as we call it: "Badvent". By Go For It Games UK


December 02, 2016

Welcome to "Dadvent"

Here's Dad during Advent.

It's a whole load of emotions captured in this one word: