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THIS XMAS: Trouble and Strife: The Cockney Rhyming Slang Game

Whether you were born within the sound of the Bow bells or if you just love London....this is THE game for you.

Trouble and Strife is the bluffing game that takes your knowledge of one of the world’s most amusing dialects - Cockney - and puts it through the mangler. Stand by to be swept off your plates!

This one’s got to be a winner with the missus and your chinas and dustbins will have a good hat too. 

It's probably the ultimate game for Londoners but if you don’t have links with London then you may well be lost already. If you're not following then our advice is to give up now and pick a different game. But if you like what you're reading, this is the game for you. (And it makes a fab Christmas gift!)

Right that’s got rid of 98% of our customers. Good one. I’ll get the tic-tac for this and be spending a few weeks on the rock ‘n roll…

How it works:

 If you remember the old game "Call My Bluff" then this is the same idea with a Cockney theme. It's easy to get it going and it's a load of laughs to play.

Age Guide:  Adults & children over 12 years.

Number of Players: 4 or more

Contents:  Cockney cards, timer, score pads and full instructions.

Collections: Board Games

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