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Which Olympic diver has a surname that means "pool" ?

Today we're taking a quick dip into the names of some of our awesome Olympians and we're diving in at the pool where it transpires that one of our Olympic gold medalists has a surname that actually means (wait for it....) POOL !!

If you've followed a link in from elsewhere then it's not the favourite, Tom Daley. Tom's surname has nothing to do with pools or 'daily' and everything to do with coming from the dales. As Tom actually hails from the coastal city of Plymouth, a more appropriate surname might be a classic coastal surname like Seaman or Seaton. But Daley he is.

Another gold winning diver, Daniel Goodfellow can also be excluded. His surname means pretty much what you'd think, unlike former Olympian Lord Sebastian Coe whose surname means not a good fellow but "an odd fellow".

The diving medalist whose name means "pool" is in fact Chris Mears. The name Mears derives from the word Mere meaning pool or lake. Who knows, perhaps his forbears spent their summers diving into lakes and building up fabulous genes for Chris to inherit. (!!).

Any glance at the 2016 Olympics would be incomplete without mention of the star of the show, Usain 'lightning' Bolt. The surname Bolt has no known historical connections to lightning but originates from the archaic word for dwelling or home: 'bolt' or "bolt-hole".

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More soon !!