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Happy 50th Birthday Paula Radcliffe!

Happy 50th Birthday to Paula Radcliffe! It’s remarkable that the ‘queen of distance running’ is now 50 years old. Born on December 17, 1973 in Northwich, Cheshire, Paula has been a trailblazer and a champion for women's athletics since her early days. 50 years old today!

Paula holds several world records: the marathon (2hr 15min 25secs which she set in 2003), 20km (1hr 8mins 49secs) 10km road race record (31mins 21 secs) and 1 hour run record (16km 927m). She also won three gold medals at major championships - one in 2001 World Championships for 5000m, one in 2002 European Championships for 10,000m and one at the 2005 World Championships Marathon.

Paula’s career accomplishments have had a lasting impact — she has been an inspiration to many aspiring athletes around the world and her influence on women in sport is undeniable.

No doubt Paula's 50th birthday means lots of 50th birthday gifts coming her way ? Like one of our 50th Birthday Games perhaps ?  But take pity on her fellow players, we know Paula likes to be a winner! Happy 50th Birthday again to Paula Radcliffe!