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The Top Ten Fun Facts about the Name Joshua

Alongside our Games with Names range, today we're taking a quick look at the name Joshua.

Do you have a great friend name Josh or Joshua ? Or maybe a relative who needs a great little birthday gift ? Let us distract you for a moment with our top ten list of fun facts about the name Joshua!

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1. The name Joshua is of Hebrew origin and it means "the LORD is my salvation."
2. Joshua is one of the most popular baby names in the United States. It was ranked as the third most popular boys' name in 2018.
3. Famous people who share the name Joshua include actor Josh Gad, NFL quarterback Josh Freeman, and musician Josh Groban.
4. The name Joshua appears in the Bible several times, most notably as the leader of the Israelites after Moses' death.
5. In the Book of Joshua, Joshua leads the Israelites in their conquest of Canaan, an event which marks the beginning of the Hebrew people's occupation of Palestine.
6. According to Jewish tradition,Joshua was born on Passover eve and died on Pentecost.
7. In medieval England,Joshua was often used as a nickname for Jethro origne "Gift of Jehovah."
8. The feminine form of Joshua, (Jessica), was popularized by Shakespeare in his play The Merchant of Venice.
9. Josh is a common diminutive for Joshua in English-speaking countries. Other diminutives include Joshy and more rarely, Joshington..
10. There are many variations of the spelling of Joshua in other languages, including Ieshua or Yeshua in Hebrew and Jeshua or Yeshuah in Aramaic.

Conclusion: So there you have it! Our top ten list of fun facts about the name Joshua! We hope you found this list informative and for every other imaginable Joshua fact, please check out our unique Joshua Game here.