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The Clark Edition of our Happy Families Playing Cards

The Clark surname is associated with happy families! The popular card game "Happy Families" was invented by John Jaques II of London, who created the first deck in 1851. Since then, this classic card game has been played and enjoyed by countless generations of happy families around the world.

And now there's a great special edition for families blessed to have the name CLARK! Playing this special edition of Happy Families will surely bring your own Clark family closer together and unleash all kinds of fun!

Not only do you get all the family fun that a game of Happy Families involves, you'll also see some random facts about the surname Clark at the bottom of the cards as you play. These aren't part of the game, they're just there as an extra bit of fun for Clark families everywhere.

So what's worth knowing about the surname Clark ? Well, the name Clark is of English origin and means "clerk." As the name suggests, it was originally occupational. Here are some fun facts about the name Clark.

  • The name Clark is believed to have originated in England. The first recorded use of the name was in 1275, making it one of the oldest surnames in existence. 
  • The Clark surname is rooted in the Latin word "clericus," which means "scribe" or "secretary." 
  • The name Clark was originally an occupational name for someone who worked as a clerk in a government office or a scribe. 
  • The Clark family crest is a green shield with three gold lions. 
  • There are numerous variations of theClark surname, including Clarke, Clerk, and Clerke. 
  • Notable people with the surname include William Clark, co-leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition; George Rogers Clark, an American Revolutionary War hero; and Alfred E. Clarke, an American businessman and former CEO of Coca-Cola. 
  • Several places have been named after people with the surname Clark, includingClark County in Nevada, Clark County in Washington State, and Clarke County in Virginia. 
  • The Clark bar, a chocolate-covered peanut butter candy bar, was named after its inventor, David L. Clark. 
  • In 1884, James S. Clark patented an air conditioner designed to cool buildings using ice. It was one of the first air conditioners ever invented. 
  • The most common occupation for people with the surname Clark is clerical work. Other common occupations include farming and teaching.

So why not get your own Clark pack of Happy Families playing cards today? Whether you are looking to start a new tradition at home or just have some fun with friends and family members, these cards will be sure to keep everyone entertained. Check them out here!