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Special Edition Happy Families Card Games - the Brown Family Edition

The Brown surname has a long and proud history, so it's no wonder that our Happy Families card game team has researched and published a special Brown edition of "Happy Families". This classic game first appeared in the mid 1800s and was designed to be both entertaining and informative for children. It included characters from different professions. As the years have passed, this popular card game has been updated and modernized with different characters but still carries the same message of happy families living life together.

Today, the Happy Families Brown edition card game captures the spirit of its original namesake. Its vibrant and colourful designs feature members of the Brown family: A son, a daughter, a Mum and a Dad. They are happily living family life to its fullest as they follow the rhythm of family life, Happy families style (!) – from celebrating birthdays to Dad blowing up the barbecue, to assorted holiday hiccups.

Our Happy Families card game celebrates the joys of being part of a happy family - like the Browns! The cards celebrate family milestones such as weddings, annual events like Halloween as well as everyday moments such as playing games or cooking dinner. This special Brown edition also includes loads of fun facts about the Brown surname that reveal why it is one of Britain’s oldest and most respected surnames.

The surname Brown is one of the most common surnames in the English-speaking world. It's estimated that there are over six million people with the last name Brown in the United States alone. But what do we really know about this ubiquitous name? Here are a few fun facts about the surname Brown.

The name Brown actually has several possible origins. It could be derived from the Old English word "brun," meaning dark-haired or it could refer to someone who worked outdoors. In some cases, it may even be an occupational name for a tanner or someone who worked with brown dyes.

The earliest known record of the surname Brown dates back to 1296, when one Walter le Brun was listed in the Yorkshire Rolls.

Brown is also a Scottish Clan name. The head of the clan is Andrew Brown, 9th Laird of Coltness.

There are several notable people with the last name Brown, including American abolitionist John Brown, author Dan Brown, and musician James Brown.

The land area known as "Brown County" in Texas is named for Henry Brown, an early settler and surveyor in the area.

In the game, the facts decorate the cards rather than being an active part of the game. So you get to learn about the name Brown while you have fun playing Happy Families.

Families of all ages and background can learn more about the Brown family with our Happy Families card game. With its fun facts, vibrant illustrations, and engaging themes, this special edition makes a great gift for any family or individual who has the Brown surname. So, why not take your turn today to join the happy families and play our Happy Families Brown Edition!

It's sure to bring smiles and laughter to your doorstep! Enjoy playing the classic game of ‘Happy Families’!

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