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Looking for a family game for Easter ? We’ve got you covered: Meet Dadness!

Introducing the ultimate card game that your dad never knew he needed...until now – The Dadness Card Game! *Drumroll please*

ACTUALLY WAIT! I know what you’re thinking. What about a game for Mum ? Well it’s planned for release in time for Easter 2024. So don’t worry Mums, we’re coming for you too!

For now, back to Dadness: This family card game may just be the answer to your prayers for some Easter family fun. We know that the quest for the perfect family games can be as challenging as teaching Dad to twerk (trust me, you don't want to see that), but fret not! Our Dadness card game makes it a breeze to enjoy the finest family fun around!

What's in the box, you ask? A magical bundle of unique playing cards filled with dad quotes, groan-worthy dad jokes, and hilarious dad-isms guaranteed to have your family in stitches!

To set the mood, picture this: It's Easter weekend and everyone's lounging around the living room, everyone except Dad who's in his natural habitat - grilling (? cremating ?) burgers in the garden. BUT WAIT! Time to flip the script with the Dadness card game. End the gratuitous incineration, drag Dad inside and watch as his slightly-singed-eyebrows inch higher and higher...a sure-fire sign that he's enjoying this unique game along with the family.

Suitable for family members of all ages, Dadness will make Easter a time for everyone to embrace their inner Dad– complete with silly illustrations, absurd Daddy-o quotes, and equal parts laughter and tears.

And if Dad doesn't like dealing with cards? Worry not! This game will not only make him a certified card game enthusiast but also the ultimate Master of Dad Jokes, Quotes and Flattery – a title that only the bravest and most pun-tastic Dads can carry.

So give your dad the gift of laughter this Easter with The Dadness Family Card Game!