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George is here!

It's just arrived, it's totally fab and if you know someone named George then give this to him RIGHT NOW!

Celebrating everything that's great about the name George, be sure to get a copy of the new GEORGE'S GAME for that special George in your life!

Yes that's you Kate and William. Your young Prince George will love this.

And you too Amal. Your husband already has it all. It must be fantastically difficult to find a new gift for him. So we are proud to provide the answer to your gifting prayers Mrs. Clooney.



And widening it out a bit, this is a great gift for YOU too! You, the wonderful person who has a son or husband called George, a nephew or godson called George, an uncle or grandson called George or any other significant other called...GEORGE!!!

Just search this site for GEORGE to find the gift that's going to make your George smile!