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Unbelievable but true! On the day that she launches the Conservative manifesto, we can exclusively reveal something that people don't know about Theresa May.

It turns out that the second female British Prime Minister is (in true panto style) a bloke in disguise. At least in name. And as our fun-loving customers well know, we love having fun with names.

Anyway here's the low down on Theresa May:

You see the surname May derives from the surname Mayhew which is turn comes from Matthew. So with Pythonesque logic, we find our country is surprisingly ruled by a lady called Matthew.

I know, you'll never look at her the same way again.

Incidentally, the name Theresa has Greek origins and means ‘huntress’. Perhaps someone should have warned Jeremy Corbyn about that before he volunteered to be Matthew’s hapless prey in the race to be the next Prime Minister....

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