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It’s perhaps the best-selling card game of all time and now, here it is in a special personalized edition for people with the surname WILSON.

If you’re not called Wilson, (and chances are that you’re not of course) then other editions are available! Search the site for details !!

Happy Wilson Families is the Happy Families card game that you know and love with a series of amusing new improvements. For families called Wilson, this is something really novel and special.



As a recap, the classic Happy Families card game involves winning sets of 4 cards. This Wilson edition is just the same – except that the sets are themed with the different stages of Wilson family life. All kinds of entertaining home truths about family life are laid bare to the general amusement of players of all ages. If you’re wondering what that means, take a look at the video animation of the cards further down this page.

In addition to the humour contained in the cards, there are also numerous gems of information about the name Wilson – it’s meaning, origins, mottos, family crests and so forth. You might learn that the name Wilson means son-of-Will and that the first Wilsons were literally the sons of fathers who had the first name Will. And because Will is a short form of William, the Wilsons and Williamsons have very similar origins! You might learn that Wilsons are a brainy bunch (3 different Wilsons have won a Nobel Prize for physics). Or you might find out that some Wilsons are rather grand (both the Barons Nunburnholme and the Barons Moran have the family name Wilson). Or you might just find that it’s a really, really old name with origins back as early as 1366 when a certain “John Willison” was roaming about England.

All that info about the name is just decoration that appears on the cards – the game is played in the traditional way and it’s just as much fun as ever !!

Here's a little video animation of the cards for the Wilson special edition of the Happy Families card game:


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The box contains everything you need to play the game. Age Recommendation: For ages 4 or 5 and up. Number of Players: 3 or more. The game is a little smaller than two decks of standard cards. More precisely, the box size is 118mm x 90mm x 16 mm. Box Weight: Approximately 136 grams. Contents: The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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