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EVANS FAMILY EDITION of the Happy Families Card Game

The record-breaking card game “Happy Families” reaches new heights of fun in this unique edition that’s for families named EVANS.

Extensively personalized for exclusively for families named EVANS, this is a truly special item that should be in every Evans family’s home!!


The illustrated cards are very entertaining for kids to play with whilst for older plyers, there are lots of extras thrown in for good measure:

Happy Evans Families takes the nation’s favourite family card game and adds all kinds of bits and pieces that offer intrigue and extra entertainment to families named Evans. Here’s a taster of the kind of personalization you’ll find in the game:

Did you know that Shakespeare wrote about an Evans (Sir Hugh Evans in the “Merry Wives of Windsor”). The name Evans gets everywhere, especially Wales of course.  In fact there’s even an Evans on the moon. (It’s a lunar crater). Did you know that the name Evans ultimately derives from the name John (as does another name that’s popular in Wales – Jones). So a huge chunk of the Welsh population is basically called John !! The author George Eliot (Mill on the Floss, Middlemarch etc) was really an Evans – her real name was Mary Ann Evans

There’s lots more in this illustrated pack and here’s an animation to give you a sneak peek at these wonderful cards:


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The box contains everything you need to play the game. Age Recommendation: For ages 4 or 5 and up. Number of Players: 3 or more. The game is a little smaller than two decks of standard cards. More precisely, the box size is 118mm x 90mm x 16 mm. Box Weight: Approximately 136 grams. Contents: The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).


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