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Happy Families Card Game - White family edition

If you have friends or family with the last name WHITE then you can ‘deal’ them an ‘ace’ gift with this awesome pack of personalized Happy Families cards.

Yes it’s the all-time favourite card game Happy Families in a new and limited edition pack, designed exclusively for families with the surname White.

Here’s a quick animation to show you more:


With a name like HAPPY WHITE FAMILIES, you can be sure that every games-loving White family will want one! It’s not just a great name, the cards themselves are amusingly illustrated and huge fun to play with.

Plus there are all kinds of facts scattered about the cards that will be of interest to people named White. For example, did you know that there has never been a President White in the White House ? Do you know why some people have the name spelled Whyte and not White ? Do you know the origins or the name ? Or the White family motto ? Did you know that one of the grandest White families are formally known as the Barons Annaly ? And can you think which board game originally featured a character called Mrs. White ?

Here's a quick video that brings these wonderful cards to life:

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The box contains everything you need to play the game. Age Recommendation: For ages 4 or 5 and up. Number of Players: 3 or more. The game is a little smaller than two decks of standard cards. More precisely, the box size is 118mm x 90mm x 16 mm. Box Weight: Approximately 136 grams. Contents: The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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