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60th Birthday Gift for Men or for Women: 60th Birthday Card Game. A 60 birthday quiz game the happy way to wish a "Happy 60th Birthday"

Introducing the 60th Birthday Card Game: An entertaining new 60th birthday gift for men or for women.

Looking for fun 60th birthday gift ideas ? You found it!

This specially designed 60th birthday trivia game is going to create lots of laughter, providing a light-hearted look at this milestone age. Specifically designed for 60th birthday celebrations, the 60th Birthday Game provides the chance to chuckle and reminisce on the highlights of 60 glorious years!

The 60th Birthday Game is both an entertaining gift and also an excellent way to enhance any 60th birthday party, it's sure to provide laughs for the entire gathering.

- A great additional present for an 60th birthday celebration
- Fun to play for all ages
- Prompt dispatch from this small, family-run business
- 130 questions in this new, celebratory game
- Even comes with personalized 60th birthday wrapping paper so it's going to look great too!
- Add it to your basket run now and let the fun begin!

The 60th Birthday Game is a must-have extra to add alongside the other 60th birthday presents, perfect as an ice-breaker or to bring out quieter moments of the 60th birthday party. Within the pack, there are 130 questions all on the broad theme of turning 60. Hazard a guess at the answers to questions on the themes of achievements by 60 year olds, events from the last 60 years and birthday parties in general. The questions are written clearly, with the answers provided as multiple choice options. The correct answer is in bold, making it quick and easy for anyone to read out the questions, whilst the multiple choice format provides an easy way for anyone and everyone to join in playing this game.

Instructions for the game are included at the top of the deck, whilst the game also comes with its own personalised 60th birthday wrap wrapping paper. This handy extra makes this age 60 gift that extra bit special, tailor-made as it is towards all things to do with 60th birthdays.

This sixtieth birthday game is dispatched quickly from a small family business. We designed the game and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying this great little 60th birthday gift.

This versatile 60th birthday present is ideal for everyone turning 60. It's completely unisex so works will as an 60th birthday gift for him OR as an 60th birthday gift for her. And within families it works just as well whether it's an 60th birthday gift for Mum or an 60th birthday gift for Dad, they'll all have fun with it! No matter who's turning 60, they'll have lots of giggles with the 60th Birthday Game!

The big 60th birthday party is coming up. You might have already sorted most of the 60th birthday gifts, with 60th birthday balloons and 60th birthday banners to go alongside the 60th birthday card. You might have even found the perfect 60th birthday cake topper. Complete the 60th birthday preparations with this specially designed 60th Birthday Game that everyone will enjoy.

It's the most fun way to wish them "Happy 60th Birthday" !! Add it to your basket right now!

- I designed this game and it has already been made. I cannot accept further customization requests for this item because it cannot be modified.
- The sheet of gift wrap paper will arrive with you as a folded sheet of gift wrap paper. The game will not arrived gift-wrapped.
- I send out games from London, England. If you live overseas then please allow plenty of time for the game to reach you.
- If you have any other questions then please don't hesitate to write and ask me! I'm here to help!"

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