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50th Birthday gift for men or women: The happiest way to say HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY - My 50th birthday card game. A fab 50 birthday present!

"Need a great gift for someone turning 50 ? Here's a box of fun celebrating 50 AWESOME years: it's the 50th Birthday Game!

The 50th Birthday card game is a quiz game all about FIFTY !!

Perfect as a 50th birthday gift for men or women reaching their half-century, this game is both light-hearted but also challenging as players are invited to reminisce and remember all those good times!

The 50th Birthday Card Game revisits the highlights of the last 50 years in a jovial way that's both enjoyable and entertaining. Put simply, there's no happier way to say ""Happy 50th Birthday""!

The 50th Birthday Game is a pack of question cards that's stacked with memories and intrigues from the last 50 years. It's a fun trip down happy memory lane and a great idea for 50th birthdays the world over. Questions come in a ""pick-the-correct-answer-from-three-possibilities"" so everyone can join in and be part of the fun.

Covering pretty much everything that's funny or noteworthy over the last fifty years, this great little gift is sure to bring smiles and chuckles to the lucky recipient.

Included alongside the game is a folded sheet of specially designed 50th gift wrap paper. Convenient and handy, this unique gift wrap ensures that the game will look fantastic at any 50th birthday event. (See images). Whether it's a big 50th birthday party with 50th birthday balloons, 50th birthday banners etc or a low key 50th birthday meal out at a restaurant, you can be sure the 50th birthday game will slot in just fine and be enjoyed by all. Why not play it while you're waiting to order ? Or enjoy it with the 50th birthday cake perhaps ? So many ways to play and enjoy!

Ideal as a small gift, as an ice-breaker or as any part of a 50th Birthday celebration, this popular and well received game is sure to be a hit at any fiftieth!


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