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Happy Moore Families

When Elizabeth Moore met her husband, Richard, she knew that she was destined to have good times in her life. Richard came from a family of card game enthusiasts, and he introduced her to a game that they played every weekend: Happy Moore Families.

The card game involved collecting cards of different families with the last name Moore, such as the Birthday Moores or the Christmas Moores. Each family had a unique set of characters, including parents and children and showed the family in each setting in a kind of tongue-in-cheek way.

Elizabeth quickly caught on to the game and started loving it as much as Richard did. As they played, they would often talk about their shared love for family traditions, and Elizabeth discovered that the Moore family had a long history of games playing.

As it turned out, every member of the Moore family had something special happen to them that was related to their last name. There was some disgusting Moore cousins, who split food down their fronts each time they ate; Aunt Sarah Moore, who is remembered mainly for the bird that landed on her head during a family wedding; and young George, who stuck the barbecue fork into his father's backside in a misguided attempt at a joke.

The family had a tradition of playing Happy Moore Families every year on key holidays and birthdays, and the game had become a symbol of their family's downtime. Elizabeth and Richard continued the tradition and passed it down to their children, who loved playing the game and seeing the illustrations of their usually lucky but occasionally hapless family members.

Nowadays it's not just Elizabeth and Richard who can enjoy this game. It's now available as a special limited edition card game, right here on this web site. And other names are available, if you're not lucky enough to be named Moore....