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Happy 80th Birthday Mick Jagger!

Mick Jagger is celebrating his 80th birthday today and it's impossible to deny that he has led a simply extraordinary life. From humble beginnings in the small town of Dartford, England, Mick has gone on to become one of the most iconic figures in music history - with Rolling Stones frontman, solo musician, record producer and actor all firmly under his belt.

The Stones have been around for many decades now and you can still find Mick burning up the stage every night. His legacy is as impressive as it is undying - something we should all be raising a glass to on this momentous occasion. Even though Mick may not always admit it, we think he deserves some recognition for making it to 80 years of age!

Throughout his long career, Mick has achieved multiple awards and accolades - including a knighthood in 2002 for services to pop music. He was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 with the Rolling Stones.

Mick's acting career is not to be forgotten either - he starred in films such as Performance (1968) and Ned Kelly (1970). He also made a handful of appearances on popular TV shows like Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

The Rolling Stones remain one of the most successful bands in history having sold more than 200 million records worldwide. All while Mick's solo work was equally distinguished, producing hits like "Just Another Night" (1985) and "God Gave Me Everything" (2001).

At 80 years of age, Mick Jagger is still making waves in the music industry. On his special day, let's salute this rock 'n roll icon and hope he's enjoying our 80th Birthday Game as part of his celebrations!

Happy Birthday Mick! You've earned it!