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Happy 70th Birthday Peter Mandelson!

Today marks a very special day for Peter Mandelson: he is turning 70 years old! For the last 70 years, Peter has made incredible contributions to British politics and public life. He was born in London in 1953 and joined the Labour Party in 1976.

He has held a number of high-profile political positions, including Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and European Commissioner for Trade. He was instrumental in brokering the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, which led to peace in Northern Ireland after more than three decades of unrest.

As well as his impressive political career, Peter is also known for his writing and speaking skills. He has written books about British politics and appeared on television numerous times as a pundit or guest commentator. A man of good taste, we hope he will mark 70 years of age with a round or two of our 70th Birthday Game!

Peter's 70th birthday marks a major milestone and here’s wishing him all the best!