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Happy 60th Birthday Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards!

Happy 60th Birthday to Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards! From humble beginnings in Cheltenham, England, to soaring heights as a remarkable athlete and Olympic skier, this legendary Brit has certainly made his mark on the world.

This birthday marks sixty years of an extraordinary life for Eddie 'the Eagle'. After starting out as a plasterer's apprentice at age 15, he decided to pursue ski jumping full-time and diligently trained for the Olympics. He became one of Britain’s most beloved sports stars when he competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary despite being underprepared and having limited resources - all with a smile on his face! While he didn't place well on the global stage, back home he was hailed a hero for his courage and determination.

Since then, Eddie 'the Eagle' has continued to use his platform to inspire others and promote the Olympic spirit. He’s travelled the world sharing his story, competed in a variety of extreme sports events, written books, established charities and become an ambassador for several organisations. On top of all that he's also been awarded an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for services to sport!

This remarkable Brit is turning 60 today. It’s a testament to how age is truly just a number and in the spirit of the young at heart, we trust he'll be enjoying our 60th birthday game to mark the occasion. Here’s hoping Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards will continue soaring higher heights for many years to come! Best wishes on your 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Eddie! 🎉🦅❤️