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The 30th Birthday Game: 30th Birthday Gift for women or for men

Looking for amusing gift or a bit of fun for a 30th Birthday ? You found it !!

This great new 30th birthday game, with a series of amusing and entertaining questions all written about turning 30 and celebrating 30th birthdays, is the perfect solution if you are looking for a bit of fun for 30th bdays!

The 30th Birthday Game is a fun novelty 30th gift that is the perfect addition to any 30th birthday party, sure to provide entertainment for everyone.

● Novelty 30th birthday gift that provides fun and laughter
● Equally appropriate as a 30th birthday gift for her or as a 30th birthday gift for him.
● Packed full of trivia and chuckles with 140 tailor-made questions all about turning 30
● Comes with a free sheet of folded 30th birthday gift wrap so it’s going to look great!
● Prompt despatch and delivery from a trusted eBay seller
● A good giggle and suitable for all ages (although mostly aimed at thirty year olds!).

The 30th Birthday Game works as a game, a gift, an ice-breaker or is ideal for quieter moments at any 30th birthday celebration. The trivia cards provide an opportunity for people to look back at and laugh over things that have happened during the last three decades, trying to remember events that have happened or what other people have managed to achieve at the age of 30.

The game comes with the rules in the pack, meaning that within next to no time guests at a 30th birthday party can start playing the game. The answers are highlighted on the cards, easily allowing the question master to read out the questions and quickly tell who has managed to get the correct answer.

This game is the perfect option to buy as a 30th birthday gift for someone who already has everything. It is a novelty gift that is all to do with turning 30, providing a quirky gift to ensure that any 30th birthday party will be a memorable affair!

It can be played by all ages, with each and every question based on topics that are family friendly. The questions come with multiple choice answers, meaning that everyone can hazard a guess at the right answer.

If you’re looking for the perfect 30th birthday gift idea, this is a must-have. You may have already thought about buying 30th birthday balloons to accompany a 30th birthday cake, whilst the walls are going to be adorned with a 30th birthday banner alongside 30th birthday bunting. You might even have found a great 30th birthday card as well. To add laughter and a fun distraction during quieter moments of the 30th birthday party, be sure to purchase the 30th Birthday Game to complete all you need for fantastic 30th birthday celebrations!

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