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Michael's Game

Here's a novel and enormously entertaining new gift idea for the special Michael, (or Mike or Mick) in your life. 


MICHAEL'S GAME is a great new personalized card game that is enjoyable and amusing way to celebrate the great name Michael!

MICHAEL'S GAME is jam-packed with all kinds of interesting stuff about the name MICHAEL. This is a professionally personalized product that's well researched and focused on quality.

MICHAEL'S GAME is a suitable for 3 - 8 players and for all ages. (Children under 7 may need to team up with an adult). Easy to learn and fun to play, MICHAEL'S GAME is fun anytime and anywhere.

If you're thinking about giving one to your Michael, Mike or Mick then here's some even better news: The game comes alongside a sheet of folded gift wrap paper that's also personalized. So when you receive this terrific little card game, it will be easy for you to wrap it and have yourself a gift wrapped in personalized paper especially for your Michael! Wow!

MICHAEL'S GAME is a limited production item. We suggest that you may wish to order your game early while stocks are still available.


Age Recommendation:
8 to adult

Number of Players:
3 or more

Box Size:
Approximately 118mm x 90mm x 16 mm

Box Weight:
Approximately 136 grams.

Game Contents:
The box contains everything you need to play. The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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