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75th Birthday Game – Unique 75th Birthday Gift for men or for women

75th Birthday Game – Unique 75th Birthday Gift for men or for women

The 75th Birthday card Game is a unique 75th birthday gift for men or for women that’s packed full of fun and reminiscences!

Looking for 75th birthday gift ideas ? The 75th Birthday Game is the fun way you can say “Happy 75th Birthday”!

Who says getting old shouldn’t be fun ? The versatile 75th birthday gift suits 75th birthday celebrations of all shapes and sizes.

Sure to add an extra dollop of fun to any 75th birthday, this amusing 75th birthday gift idea is a pack of trivia cards with questions covering the last 75 years. It’s an opportunity for the lucky recipient to look back over 75 glorious years and to remember the good times! 


The game itself follows a format that’s suitable for all ages. The content is all family-friendly and the idea is to pick the correct answer from three possibilities….so everyone can join in and have a guess.

Not only is this a unique gift that’s packed full of fun, it looks great too! That’s because alongside the 75th Birthday Game, you’ll also receive a FREE folded sheet of 75th birthday gift wrap paper. (See photos). So all you need to do is wrap the game up in the 75th gift wrapping provided and you’ve got a great looking 75th birthday gift!
The 75th Birthday Game is suitable for everyone turning 75 and is versatile to suit a number of 75th birthday scenarios. For example:

- Will there be a big 75th Birthday party ? If so then this game works well as an ice-breaker and (of course!) as a 75th birthday party game.
- Will it be a trip out for a celebratory meal ? This is perfect to play while waiting for food or at the end of the meal.
- Will a room be decked out with 75th birthday decorations ? Then imagine the scene: There may be 75th birthday balloons, 75th birthday banners, 75th birthdays cakes with 75th birthday toppers on and what better to add some extra fun to this happy scene that the 75th Birthday Game ?
- Alternatively if you’re planning a smaller, more modest 75th birthday celebration then be assured that the 75th Birthday Game works well for small groups too!

No matter who the lucky recipient is, whether a husband, wife, Dad, parent, friend relative or other him or her, anyone who is turning 75 will get a kick out of the 75th Birthday Game.

There’s no happier way to say “Happy 75th Birthday” ! Add this little box of fun to your basket right now!

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