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The 70th Birthday Game: Novelty 70th Birthday Gift For Men Or Women

The 70th Birthday Card Game: 70th Birthday Gift For Men Or Women

Looking for something light-hearted and amusing for a 70th birthday ? We hear you!

Give a memorable 70th birthday gift with this fun and amusing 70th Birthday Game.

● Fun, tailor-made 70th birthday gift
● Makes a great extra present for any 70th birthday or fun filler for a 70th birthday party
● Something all ages can play and enjoy (but with a strong 70th theme!)
● Supplied by a small, family-run business
● Comes with personalized 70th birthday wrapping paper

When looking for 70th birthday ideas, be sure to bag yourself this unique and appealing game designed especially for 70th birthdays. It is a novelty 70th birthday gift that will make the day extra special, a fun game that can be played as an ice-breaker at any 70th birthday party or during a quieter moment at a more intimate affair. Or just give it as a great fun 70th birthday gift !!

The 70th Birthday Game is a trivia game, with a series of questions all based on the theme of turning 70. There are questions about achievements by 70 year olds, events that have taken place in the last 70 years and random birthday trivia, making this the ideal 70th birthday gift for men and women. The questions come with multiple choice answers, meaning that anyone (even youngsters) can hazard a guess at the correct answer.

Picture the scene at the 70th birthday party you have coming up. You have gone all out with the 70th birthday decorations; the special 70th birthday cake is on the table, sitting next to the 70th birthday card and with 70th birthday balloons scattered around the room. The wall might even be adorned by a 70th birthday banner. For quieter moments during the party, the ideal 70th birthday present is the 70th Birthday Game, a fun novelty gift that will go down extremely well with people of all ages.

The game even comes with its own personalized 70th birthday wrapping paper, giving it a great look that’s tailored towards the special day.

For a 70th birthday party celebrated with either family or friends, this 70th present is sure to provide age-appropriate entertainment. If you are looking for 70th birthday gifts for mum or dad, this game can be enjoyed by the older generations just as easily as it can with any children present.

Order this great little gift now and look forward to the fun arriving soon!

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