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The 65th Birthday Game: 65th Birthday Gift for women or for men

The 65th Birthday Game: 65th Birthday Gift for women or for men


The 65th Birthday Card Game is an amusing new 65th birthday gift for women and for men that’s sure to add an extra chunk of fun to any 65th birthday.

Perfect for anyone turning 60, this entertaining 65th birthday gift is a pack of trivia cards covering the last 65 years! A chance to reminisce, chuckle and reflect on 65 legendary years!

These questions are thoroughly researched and cover all sorts of highlights of the last 65 years. The 65th Birthday Game is entirely family-friendly and has a “pick-the-correct-answer-from three-options” format so all ages can join in and take a guess at the answer.

Alongside the game, you’ll also receive a folded sheet of 65th birthday gift wrap paper. (See photos). So you can wrap the 65th birthday game in the 65th birthday gift wrap and there you go….You’ve got yourself a 65th gift that will look awesome on the big day!

The 65th Birthday Game makes a great gift for anyone turning 65 but you can also use it in a variety of situations at the 65th birthday celebration:

- Having a 65th Birthday Party ? The 65th Birthday Game makes a great little party ice-breaker and obviously it’s an extremely appropriate choice if you need a 65th birthday game!
- Going out for a 65th birthday meal ? Why not play the 65th birthday game while you wait for your food ?
- Shopping for 65th birthday decorations ? This great little game is going to fit the mood and sit neatly amongst the 65th birthday balloons, banners, napkins and so forth.
- Planning a quieter kind of 65th birthday ? The 65th Birthday Game suits smaller groups too. Why not try it once you’ve cut the 65th birthday cake ?

Whether you’re thinking about 65th Birthday for your husband, wife, Dad, friend or other him or her, this versatile 65th gift has it all. There’s no happier way to say Happy 65th Birthday!


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