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Father's Day Gift idea for Dads ... Introducing Dadness !!

👍 DADNESS: The Father's Day gift idea that's so good, it was almost worth him having children!

👍 DADNESS is an action-packed gift that challenges you to beat Dad at his own game. Literally! 

👍 Fast-paced and overflowing with funny Dad quotes, DADNESS is a sure-fire hit for playful Dads

👍 DADNESS is a quality gift that includes a free sheet of gift wrap to make your gift look fab! (See images).


DADNESS make a fab gift and is probably the happiest way to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!

DADNESS is fast-moving, lively and decorated with all kinds of flattering and funny quotes celebrating everything that's great about DAD

Small, compact and full of laughs, DADNESS is perfect as a Father's Day gift for Dad.

AND BETTER STILL: DADNESS comes with a FREE sheet of special DAD themed gift wrap paper. (See images). So it's going to be easy for you to wrap your DADNESS game in the free DAD gift wrap and that's it! You've got a gift for Dad that looks awesome when you give it to him!


See what people are saying about DADNESS:

👍 "Gave this to my dad.....and he had a right laugh about it"

👍 "Had the whole family in stitches"

👍 "Good quality....recommended"

👍 "This game had us all giggling"

👍 "I think it's an excellent buy"


DADNESS is brilliant for all kinds of fun-loving Dads and can be played at different levels, depending on the age of his kids.
- For families with younger children, DADNESS is a simple card game of grabbing the 'DADS' but dodging the 'DUDS'.
- For families with slightly older children, there is a tougher format with additional matching and more to think about. It's fast-moving, family-friendly fun!
- And for families with older or adult children, DADNESS has an 'expert' level to keep everyone cross-eyed and ready to pounce!

So when you're looking for fathers day presents for Dad , think DADNESS!

We think pretty much all Dads are going to love DADNESS. Whether you're thinking about Father's Day gifts from daughter or Father's Day gifts from son, DADNESS is a superb father's day present that will keep Dad and his gang happily entertained for hours! Add it to your basket right now!

Box with 72 cards, including rules cards, plus special Dad gift wrap Everything you need is in the box. Different ways to play are included for different age groups.
Please note: The gift wrap paper is supplied folded alongside the game (i.e. item does not arrive ready-wrapped).

3-8 players of any age.

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