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Dadness: Hilarious family fun for all the family.

The brilliant little Dad game that's going keep the whole family in stitches: Welcome to DADNESS !!

This hilarious all-action family card game celebrates everything that's great about Dads.

Easy to pick up but extremely lively and fast-moving, DADNESS is a sure-fire hit for all.

Whether it's Christmas, birthdays, holidays or some other time, DADNESS will keep everyone thinking quickly and laughing loudly. 

Suitable for three or more players and all ages, DADNESS is a versatile way for everyone to have a lot of fun together.

The basic idea is "Grab the Dad" cards but "Dodge the Duds". Extra layers of complexity can be added, depending on the age or skill level (or inebriation level) or the people playing.

Inexpensive and high quality, DADNESS comes highly recommended. Here's what others are saying:

 👍 "[Dad]....had a right laugh about it"

👍 "Had the whole family in stitches"

👍 "Good quality....recommended"

👍 "This game had us all giggling"

👍 "I think it's an excellent buy"

Order DADNESS now and let the fun begin!

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